Thursday, March 17, 2011

iPad2 or not???

Nowadays, everyone is using iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. I wish i could rich to having a iPhone too. But, i think it is unnecessary for me now. But, i also have an iPod Touch to play games when boring… LOL… XD.

Recently apple just announced a new version of iPad, called iPad2.

1 If you have pay attention of apple product. Then you should know the latest version of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. There are iPhone4, iPad2 and iPod Touch 4.

My iPod Touch is the latest version. iPod Touch 4. It have 2 cameras, but the picture quality is really not so good. The resolution of the picture is NOT even reach 1MP!!!!!

 For more info, you can go here.

For me, there are some attractive point on iPad2. There are :

1) The black and WHITE colour of iPad2. The WHITE colour is very nice!!!


2) The A5 Processor!!! It is Duo-core!!! Speed is 2 times faster than iPad1.

2 3) Super slim body!!! It is slimmer and lighter than iPad1. It is 33% slimmer than iPad1.


But please pay attention!!!! There are also some point that make me so disappointed on iPad2!!!! There are :

1) The display resolution of iPad2 is NOT Retina resolution!!! which iPod 4th generation already using that!!! The display still 1024x768.

2) The camera of iPad2. I think the camera of iPad2 is same with the iPod4. The camera picture is not until 1MP!
Please note that: If you testing at apple store! You will think that the picture is still ok. That is because the lighting is enough there!! If you take picture at low lighting place. Then the picture really will make you cry!!!!

All the above information is come from TechDaily. For more info, you also can go to apple store website to have a look.

So, after read the above article. Will you still buy the iPad2??? Or buy the iPad1??? Because the price of iPad1 is almost half of the NEW iPad2!!!

Oh ya. From the TechDaily, they said that iPad2 will arrive Malaysia within this month??? Don’t know sure or not??? Let’s see…..

For more info, can visit here…..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Genting Night Fiesta and Fireworks

Last Sunday, me and my girlfriend went to Genting again. Because Genting is giving me FREE room stay on 12/3 (sat).

I think most of the parents will know that, this week is school holiday~~~ YEAH!

Genting have prepared some event for this school holiday. Night Fiesta and Daily Fireworks!

At first, I was thinking to sell off this room to have some extra pocket money. But didn’t success. But never mind. At the end, I went myself and have a nice and memorable holiday for myself and my girlfriend.



Yupe. This is our room. It is just a First World standard room. What you expect for a FREE room!! But, it is quite enough for 2 of us! ^.^

After a bath, and yeah… let’s head to the night fiesta… Actually is just like a Pasar Malam. BUT!!!!! This is Pasar Malam at GENTING!!! Different 1… lol (That is what my girlfriend said)

Oh NO!!!!!! Walk until half way. It is start raining. From the photo above, you can see we all wet. Smile so happily. But, actually we are shivering.

Haiz, the bad luck didn’t end here. The weather of that day is bad. Too much mist. They still having fireworks. But, I totally can’t see it. Just see some Lightning in the sky.

Then the next day morning, we wake up in the morning 10AM. Having our breakfast at Starbuck. Then come back to KL.



It is really a nice experience to Pasar Malam at GENTING.

2012… Is it really THE END???

Is it really 2012 is the end of the world??? Japan already affected.

Recently the hottest news is the japan 8.9/9 level earthquake. Below is the news I read just now :

2,414 – Number of people confirmed dead.
10,000 – Likely final death toll figure is set to reach beyond that mark.
15,000 - Number of people unaccounted for.
50 – Number of Britons missing, presumed dead.
550,000 – Evacuated from their homes since the quake struck on Friday

Already 2,414 people confirmed dead!!! R.I.P.

This is the video I saw this morning. The wave is so scary!!

And a bad news is, one of the dead victim is a AV Porn Star!!!! OMG!!!

This is the picture after the Tsunami and Earthquake….. All CRASH!



If there is one of my house or car. I think I will cry until no tears…. Sob… Sob… X(

Recently I also saw a video on facebook. I think that video is quite old. But, I think it is worth to watch this old video if you haven’t watch, because it is teaching us how to safe our life when tsunami attack. Below is the video :

If 2012 is really THE END of the world. So, what should we do now??? GOD!!!! Please help us!!! I don’t want to DIE yet~~

I still got many thing haven’t done!! I haven’t marriage! I haven’t have kids! Many country I still haven’t went before!

Using BlogPress to blog

This is my first time using my iPod apps call BlogPress to blog.

Lets test some picture on my iPod.

Wow. It is really work. Then next time will be more easy to blog and post my picture on my blog. Nice apps!

Let's try more picture.

Oops... All foods picture. Am I making you hungry? Haha... I'm hungry too...