Friday, September 25, 2009

Prewedding Film "IMAGINE"

This video is super nice!! Compare to Malaysia version..... OMG~~~

Wondering how much this video cost???

Haahahaha~~~ Dreaming again!

Let's see the video..

Santo (Susanto Widjaja) just won 2 Australian Awards for his videos! If you know him, please congratulate him. This is one of his videos that he submitted that resulted in him winning the awards. IT IS REALLY GOOD... a must watch! So.. , who's g...etting married soon? Must get him to do your video!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My B B!

I took this picture at sunway. But forgot when already.

Cute hor... hehehe...

OK. My last post is introducing my Zhai Zhai only.

Now.... i want to introduce My B B~~~~

~~~~~ Ta Da ~~~~

I don't know my B B is what breed. Cause i adopt it last year.

I got some picture when BB is still small and cute.... But don't know put where le.
wakakaka~~ Too Many pictures...

OK lar... Coming up post should be the post what i eat at Melaka.
Wakakaka... eat eat eat... haiz~~~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Zhai Zhai in the CINEMA!!!

Yeah!!! G-Force is release today!

This is the movie trailer.

The movie picture. They are Guinea Pig! NOT Hamster!

Did you see my Zhai Zhai??? The 1st from the right!!

That is he fully make up!

The story is about a team of trained secret agent guinea pigs that takes on a mission for the US government. A specially trained squad of guinea pigs is dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire, who plans to taking over the world with household appliances

Ta Da~~~~ This is my G-Force : Zhai Zhai!!!

This is he WITHOUT make up!!! Lolx

The G-Force is Guinea Pig!!! See on the movie picture

Monday, September 14, 2009

My "Zhai Zhai"

Yesterday, me and my darling go Sunway to watch "The Ugly Truth"

The movie is so-so lar...

After we finish the movie.

We went to the pet shop.

My girlfriend suddenly say want to buy a Guinea Pig!!!

So, we choose a cute Guinea Pig.
I choose it, coz it look like the Guinea Pig in G-Force. XP

We name it, "Pig Zhai" / "Zhai Zhai"

This is Zhai Zhai new home...

It is so cute right... Temperary dunno is SHE or HE.

The seller say it is too small to see...@.@" (I think it is HE. ;P)

OK. After finish those cute cute picture... my wallet have a big hole again!!! Haizzzz

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Invitation to T. Music Festival from Nuffnang

OMG! YES!!!!!!

i love you! NUFFNANG!

Today around 2.30pm. i got a email from nuffnang.

It is the T.Music Festival Invitaion!

Organized by Tiger Beer, T Music Festival is a 5-hour long marathon concert which features some of the most femes stars from Asia, held on

12th September, 7pm at Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Artist’s List

Joey Yung (容祖兒).

Justin (側田)

Power Station (动力火车)

Kay Tze (謝安琪)

David Tao (陶喆)

Z Chen (張智成)



Oh... I am so Supprise that i got this tickets.
Very expecting the night now... Hope will have a happy and rock night.

Thank You! NUFFNANG!
You are the best!!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Final Destination 4 Premier Screening

Yesterday, me and my darling go to 1 utama for the "Final Destination 4"
Premier Screening by Nuffnang.

I leave office on 6.30pm. Then, reach 1 Utama is about 7.30pm.

We have our dinner at Bar B Q Plaza again.

Because we need the last sticker on the Bar B Q royalty card.
(So we can have a free supreme set on next visit before 15 sept)

Yeah~~ We got a FREE ice mango sagu because we have the Bar B Q voucher.

I thought the Final Destination is on 9.30pm.
So, 9.00pm i just reach TGI to collect my ticket from Nuffnang.

Who knows when i collecting my tickets, he say only left 4 tickets to let me choose!
WTF~~~~~~~~~ 4 also on the 1st row!!!

I'm really *SHOCK* like the picture above.

But..... Nuffnang won't let me die like that....
When the movie just started.... A Nuffnang ANGEL comes...

he tell us some have reserved the ticket but not yet redeem.
So, he asked us do we want a better seat? Of Course, YES~~~~~


Yesterday also is the 3rd years of Me and My Darling knowing each other.

My Darling bought this patong for me...

~~ Thank You Darling ~~