Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Final Destination 4 Premier Screening

Yesterday, me and my darling go to 1 utama for the "Final Destination 4"
Premier Screening by Nuffnang.

I leave office on 6.30pm. Then, reach 1 Utama is about 7.30pm.

We have our dinner at Bar B Q Plaza again.

Because we need the last sticker on the Bar B Q royalty card.
(So we can have a free supreme set on next visit before 15 sept)

Yeah~~ We got a FREE ice mango sagu because we have the Bar B Q voucher.

I thought the Final Destination is on 9.30pm.
So, 9.00pm i just reach TGI to collect my ticket from Nuffnang.

Who knows when i collecting my tickets, he say only left 4 tickets to let me choose!
WTF~~~~~~~~~ 4 also on the 1st row!!!

I'm really *SHOCK* like the picture above.

But..... Nuffnang won't let me die like that....
When the movie just started.... A Nuffnang ANGEL comes...

he tell us some have reserved the ticket but not yet redeem.
So, he asked us do we want a better seat? Of Course, YES~~~~~


Yesterday also is the 3rd years of Me and My Darling knowing each other.

My Darling bought this patong for me...

~~ Thank You Darling ~~


  1. sweeeet
    but dude, yuk ma leh.
    wtf hahahahahaha

  2. ...... Huh?? I want to write "I Love You Darling" de.. now become "Thank You Darling" still yuk ma arh???

  3. wow wow wow!!!
    nice or not this movie???
    feel to watch bt not dare to watch o!!!
    hahahha..anyway, wishing ya happie anniversary with ur darling o!!!