Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Redang Laguna on 03-05-2009

Redang Laguna is a dream place which my girlfriend always ask me to go. So i decided bring her to there on 03-05-2009. I bought this package from my colleague friends.

2 person Laguna garden view twin room and the go and return flight firefly only at RM1100!! (Normal price is RM1600). She selling me cheap because she sold me at 25-04-2009 and depart date is 03-05-2009.
Preparing to go....

My tired Darling too excited. Didn't sleep in the previous night, so.... Hahahaha~~

Yeah~~ Safety landed!!!

After we reach airport. We took a VVIP bus to the jeti.
This was the VVIP bus special for Laguna guess only oh.... ;p

The ferry pass...
Yeah~~~ Reach Laguna after a almost 2 hours ferry!

More More Tea Inn ^.^ V

~~~ Me and My Darling~~~

My and My darling foot step on Redang... lolx

This the room we stay at Laguna... Stated twin room but got 1 double bed and 2 single bed. Stated garden view....Open the door.... actually is "jungle view"...=.="
Never open second times already...

This was the Annual trip of Me and My Darling~~ ^.^

Nuffnang Collaboration with DIGI Speak Up Malaysia

Do you have a thing in mind? Do you wanna argue about your thoughts about Malaysia?Why don't you Speak Up! with DiGi and Nuffnang Malaysia.To start, why don't you go here for further information.

DiGi Speak Up Malaysia

*By the way, Mostly eligible for DiGi Users*I didn't do this for the prize, it is because i want only want to give my advice and speak up to all Malaysians out there than harmony between us all with solve anything and everything!Let's face it! We might not say out out problems but it does exist among us all.Then.. come on and be part of this DiGi Activity. =D

Here's what i've sent via MMS to DiGi just now..
My name Steven Tan Soo Teck , location Kota Kemuning , Selangor

Please Stop Smoking!!

GSC Website Overwhelming!!

Last weekend, i plan to go GSC 1u to watch Transformer 2 with my girlfriend. So, I go to GSC website to buy the ticket with Maybank2u.

But, i found that the website take 15 minute to load! (Usually i take 3 second to login facebook only!) After i login to GSC website. It is totally different. Only a few word and a login box.

It stated that the website is overwhelming, so it disable all the picture and feature. Only 3 feature occurs on the webstie, which is Online Reservation, Online E-payment ticket and Contest.

Then i choose online e-payment ticket and choose 1 utama. I was shock! There are 22 showtime on Transformer in 1 day! And i checked all the showtime on the day, almost every showtime is fully booked and only left few seat on the infront row.

At the End, me and my girlfriend didn't go to see Transformer last weekend. But we decided to go watch on this weekend!! Yeah~~~

Monday, June 29, 2009

Kota Kinabalu Mountain

Last week my colleague went to Kota Kinabalu Mountain...

They just back on last Saturday night.

Below is the some of their picture took at KK mountain...

Forgot this flower call what already?? =.="

The world records of climbing Kota Kinabalu Mountain.... Why don't have my colleague name on the board??? @.@

Wah.... This picture very familiar leh!!! Wakakaka...Take out your RM1 note, then you will know...

A Beautiful sun rise~~

Wah...feel like singing the song "Top of the world"

Some other visitor.

My Colleague!! Bravo!!! (1 of them is my boss who 60 years old!)

He can do it... I also can do it!!!

For those who love to save

I saw this charity of digi "For Those who Love to Save" at nuffang.
Please support it! Just a single click...

My 1st post~~

This is my 1st post.
Still dunno want to post what??? So post some picture of me and my darling...^.^
The picture was taken on the way we going to 1 utama gai gai~~~

Busy Driving lar~~~ =.="

Fast Fast took when the traffic light is red!!!