Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Redang Laguna on 03-05-2009

Redang Laguna is a dream place which my girlfriend always ask me to go. So i decided bring her to there on 03-05-2009. I bought this package from my colleague friends.

2 person Laguna garden view twin room and the go and return flight firefly only at RM1100!! (Normal price is RM1600). She selling me cheap because she sold me at 25-04-2009 and depart date is 03-05-2009.
Preparing to go....

My tired Darling too excited. Didn't sleep in the previous night, so.... Hahahaha~~

Yeah~~ Safety landed!!!

After we reach airport. We took a VVIP bus to the jeti.
This was the VVIP bus special for Laguna guess only oh.... ;p

The ferry pass...
Yeah~~~ Reach Laguna after a almost 2 hours ferry!

More More Tea Inn ^.^ V

~~~ Me and My Darling~~~

My and My darling foot step on Redang... lolx

This the room we stay at Laguna... Stated twin room but got 1 double bed and 2 single bed. Stated garden view....Open the door.... actually is "jungle view"...=.="
Never open second times already...

This was the Annual trip of Me and My Darling~~ ^.^

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