Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Manual Car or Automatic Car?

Today morning heard MY FM news. They said all the manual car when exam or learning may change to automatic car.... @.@" The reason is to reduce the examiner to take 'kopi' money. I don't think so.. =.="

Some people comment that this action will make human more and more stupid!

Some comment says Manual Car is the basic of driving car, so must learning by Manual Car.

Some say we learn both type of car. (But once you know how to drive manual car, automatic car is easy for you already!)

(I like this!) Some say driving Manual car can train hand's muscle, but this is for man only.


  1. If can learn manual car together with automatic car, then will be great!

  2. Ya. Should be learn both together... ^.^
    But now i mostly forgot how to drive manual car already...~~