Monday, July 13, 2009

Satay Celup on Malacca

Satuday Night (11-07-2009)

Me and My gf back to Malacca.
The first thing we reach malacca is not bak home.
Is go for our supper -

Satay Celup on Capitol!!

Because it is already 12.30am.
And both of us are keep fit.
So, we just eat a little bit~~~
Just a little bit..... NVM lar...
These little bit won't fat so much lar.... ^.^V

~~ Taiwan Hotdog ~~

~~ You Jia Kueh ~~

Oh my favorite!!!
(Hot Dog with cheese inside!)

~~ Tao Ki ~~

OMG ~~~ Posting this is so suffering...
I'm so hungry now~~

The food is not expensive also : RM0.70 for each stick only

This capitol satay celup is a MUST try food everytime you visit malacca.

Haven't tried this before, don't tell me you visited malacca.

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