Friday, July 03, 2009

The Day I Visit Zoo Negara!!!

On 07-06-2009 that weekend.
My girlfriends younger brother come KL for his school holiday.
So, Me and my girlfriend decided to bring him go to Zoo Negara on Sunday!!

This is My girlfriend and her younger brother

This squirrel is eating a grape. It is very normal thing.
But i realize that it will take off the grape skin before it eat.
And the timing is incredible : 2 sec / grape

Very BIG Tortoise

Very Lazy Animal... (like me ^o^)

Suddenly, I found a vey serious problem.
My girlfriend is using a LEAF to feeding a Kangaroo.

For the Animal good,
I decided to buy some FOOD to le my girlfriend feed the animals.

Feeding another one, don't worry. That is FOOD.


This goat very *GENG!

Suddenly, we found an unknown visitor!
(It is totally don't scare of human! =.=")

Around 3pm. We went to the show place and resting at there.
The show start at 3.30pm. But when 3pm we reach there....
There is almost fully seated!

Took while waiting for the Show.....


The animal really cleaver!!! You know what is the thing the kid's holding???
RM10 note!!!!
They ask whether who want to let the parrot stand on his hand and take photo.
Need to hold a RM10 note, then the parrot will fly to you and take the note!
(Fewer than RM10 is not acceptable by the parrot!)

Around 5pm. We are going to back home.
But, on the way home. I found ....


  1. LOL @ last photo.

    I seem to have forgotten that I was there... =p

    lovely photos of the zoo. I haven't been there for almost two years now. Last time I was there I didn't have a camera. Now that I have one maybe it's time for a revisit.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh... You should go..

    2 years ago, i also went there before. Many big different between 2 years ago and now.

    But, what a pity is the penguin is not arrive yet~~~ >.<