Monday, July 06, 2009

Pet World Malaysia 2009 -- Mid Valley

Last Weekend, me and my gf saw a advertisement on the road.
"Pet World Malaysia 2009"
So, we decide to go...

This is my niece (My brother daughter). Cute... ^.^

Me and my family go MidValley on Saturday around 8pm.

Screen shoot the car park...
Cause we also lose in MidValley carpark...
It is too big and we seldom go also...

But a sad thing... The exhibition end on 9pm...
When we reach the enterance is already 8.30pm.
So, we decided to go tomorrow (Sunday) morning. ^.^

This is My GF, My Niece and My Dad.

After back from MidVally,
She said hungry... So, we bring her to 'Q' Bistro Mamak at Cheras...

This is My Sister and My Niece again..^o^

~~~~~ Sunday ~~~~
After we took our breakfast. We went to MidValley for the Pet World Exhibition again...
Price : Adult - RM5
Price : Child - RM2

A very cute brown poodle~~~

This is white colour poodle. (My GF like it~~~)

A Gaint dog~~~

There also have some Dog Competition
Didn't take too much photo...
Cause, too many people there,
And i have to take care My GF and Niece.


You go MidValley now, you can see this thing every where...
MidValley Sales Patong

My GF is so brave.. It's head is bigger than My GF's head...

~~ Turtle also got ~~

~~ White Mice also got ~~

~~ Cat ~~

Very very nice exhibition....
Me and My GF walk from 12pm to 5pm....
Tired like hell....
Sleep at 9.30pm yesterday.... (My earliest record!)

Thank for viewing "Pet World Malaysia 2009" Exhibition


  1. Hi, didn't know got pet exhibition,
    TQ for sharing, at least got chance to see the cute & beautiful pets on ur post.Tks for ur click & visit.
    I will follow ur blog coz I am "kaki jalan, kaki makan, kaki movie & kaki blog except have not join kakiis!" :P
    Do keep in touch!

  2. Thanks....
    I also following your blog...;)
    Keep in touch!

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  4. cute animals =)

  5. ahhhh!!!

    i wish i could go :((

    cuz im in singapore,,

    and we dont have this kinda events de..


    so did u enjoy urslf?

  6. Kenwooi: Ya, they are so cute~~~

    GiNni3zX: The event only from 3rd July to 5th July. 3 days only.
    Oh... at singapore also have alot of funs Christmas!!!

    I always wish i chould be there to celebrate Christmas...

  7. eh, where the wabbits at?

    and gerbils and guinea pigs and hamsters...

  8. Hahaha...
    I saw them, but didn't take their photo... Coz all my focus only at doggies....
    The white poodle still running around my head~~~

  9. i want to move to malaysia liao, cos sg no events like this:(
    I luv catssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

  10. the white dog on the 15th photo look like a toy! she's cute! lolx