Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Carrefxxr Tropicxx City CCTV Peeping Changing Room (Got Picture)

I saw this post from http://cforum3.cari.com.my/viewthread.php?tid=1668323&extra=page%3D1

The story begin:
Today me and my girlfriend when to Carrefxxr Tropicxxx City for shopping. She choosen a cloth and going to the changing room to have a test.

While i'm waiting my girlfriend. I saw a CCTV is pointing/watching directly at the changing room.

So, i ask my girlfriend come out immediately. And go into the changing room.
I found a big mirror is just reflecting to the CCTV.

This is Ridiculous!! How come such a big company will do this thing!

Please Be Aware!!!
To all Girls and Guys to protect your gf.


  1. you should report it to authority
    this is serious case

    tq for your info

  2. Ya... hope they didn't.

    This is not happen on me. I saw this on cari dot com...

    And to share it out and give note to every my blogging friends...^.^

  3. lol this is so ridiculus lol
    must be sum hamsap managers lol

  4. hmmm but from tat angle, u can't see anything when the door is close right?

  5. that's horrible! my family shops for groceries there quite often. luckily we don't buy clothes at that place.

    thx for the info.

  6. Sam:Hahaha... Ya.. must be hamsap like u....;p

    Kelvin: There still some space on the top of the door between the wall. Mayb just my too sensitive.. But be careful is better.

    Adele: Ya... must becareful next time...^.^

  7. I don't think the CCTV can shoot into that tiny gap once the door is closed.

  8. maybe the cctv is not facing the changing room? lol


  9. Maybe from that view the CCTV will not be able to capture what's inside. Hmmm.

  10. Hehehe.... Next monday will go to tropicana for the movie "The Proposal".

    Then i will go verify that place and try out will reflect to the cctv or not... ^.^

  11. Kathlynn : Ya... must be more careful.... Many hamsap and sot sot ppl outside...

  12. Yesterday, My gf told me.

    Her friend saw a gila people 'playing water gun' (hamsap thing) on the bridge. The bridge is in front of SUMMIT USJ!!!

    Be careful all USJ people!!!

  13. I used to work in the surveillence line...dome type CCTVs cannot do a 360 degree, contrary to popular believe. They have a very limited view, if you look closer, you'll see that most of the glass is polarized with just a gap to allow the CCD/CMOS cam to point out. I'm guessing it's not pointing into the changing room.

    From experience in designing systems like that, it's probably directed towards the aisle of clothes to prevent theft. :)

  14. Huai Bin: Thanks for the explaination... Hope you are right...^.^

  15. thanks for informing! nx time when i head down to msia hav to b careful of such issues