Monday, July 13, 2009

MY FM Nationwide Tour 2009 (Malacca)

This weekend (11-07-2009) Me and my gf back to Malacca.
We knew that MY FM will go malacca dataran pahlawan on 11/07 from 1pm to 3pm.
So, me and my gf go the see their -

MY FM Natonwide Tour 2009
MY FM 星光11同乐会

Their sponsor - Proton Persona

Pheobe , Waifun , Mei Yan

Jack Lim (林德荣)

Pheobe , Waifun , Jason , Jack Lim

I am so sad~~
I see their show from 1pm to 3pm.. and didn't get any lucky draw prize.

And they didn't ask me to go play games also... >.<" So sad~~~ I want the 42'inch Toshiba LCD or Acer Laptop~ But can see MY FM DJ also not bad lar~~ ^.^V

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