Friday, July 10, 2009

Another girl trying to suicide... Haiz~~~

Teen girl saved from suicide attempt

KUALA LUMPUR: A 19-year-old girl tried to leap from a pedestrian bridge near the Pudu Star LRT station, causing disruption to the RapidKL Ampang line LRT services.

Firemen took 20 minutes to coax the girl out of her suicide attempt yesterday morning before they finally managed to grab her and brought her to safety.

Passers-by said that the girl had kept screaming out her boyfriend’s name.

A Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said they received a call from the public at 9.35am.
Initial investigations found that the teenager wanted to commit suicide after a quarrel with her boyfriend who lives in the San Peng flats here.

She wanted him to turn up at the LRT station.
The girl, who lives in Pandan Indah, was later handed over to the Dang Wangi police headquarters to facilitate investigations.

RapidKL, in a press statement, said the crisis was resolved at 10.20am


  1. Hi Steven, thx for the visit. Yes, I read about this girl in the paper this morning and she was in fact calling her BFs name. Apparently they had a major quarrel.... so goes life.


  2. Because of a tree among the forest? Is that bf really that good?

  3. David & Jackson :

    Yalor... Is that bf such good? If such good, then would let his gf do this kind of thing already..... Haiz... Stupid gal..