Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"The Proposal" Movie Contest

Yesterday, i got this E-Mail :

OMG!!! I get 2 ticket from "The Proposal" Movie contest??

Hohoho~~ I know this is not a big prize to showing here and posting here...

But, this is the 1st prize i won with blogging~~~

I'm so happy. My first time neh...
See movie no need pay money de... lolx >.<"

Who is going that day neh???? =.=?
Will you go?


  1. naqiubex : Thanks ya...^.^ So *HIGH* now~~ lolx

  2. Hahhaa.. Thanks...
    Hope my second winning item is ur ipod touch...;p

  3. congrats!! i also wanna go!!

    just saw the contest on smashpop's blog

  4. Kathlynn : ok... let's go togather... ^.^ But u have to buy ticket....;p Another ticket is reserved for my gf already...^.^

    goingkookies: Thanks... ^.^

  5. *lol* ceh, tot u will gimme one free ticx :)
    i oso enter some contest to get free ticx for this movie, but i dun tink i won :( anyways, congrats & have fun @ the movie :)

  6. Good Job bro...

  7. congrats!! but how come you Nuffnang adds, but win contest from Advertlets geh? hjahahaha

  8. Kathlynn: gambateh again.. Actually this contest idea is given by my gf...^.^ She is my lucky star.

    cwee & Lyng : Thanks.

    Marcus: This is a long story.

    Last time when i just start blogging. I put all the adv...Lolx.. but NN take away my glitteri memeber..

    So, i read the T&C only know that can't put other adv. So, i removed advertlets lo.

    But between that, i got participate this competition. I also weird when get the email.=.=???

  9. i receive pair also but this saturday at 1 utama