Friday, July 03, 2009

Vote now and win IKEA vouchers worth RM50*!

Shiau Lee’s room is declared as one of the 5 messiest rooms in the IKEA Go Clean Your Room Contest Part 1. Check out the room and see the difference. You can also vote now and win IKEA vouchers worth RM50*!

I got the EXPEDIT storage sets, from the bookshelf, storages to table, paired with SNILLE chair, PORTIS hat rack, RIBBA frames, EKBY shelves and hall bracket, HABOL boxes, ALVINE BUKETT curtain, BIBBI SNURR comforter set and matching BELLINGE rug.

Firstly, I set the theme for my room; KISS (KEEP IT SIMPLE AND SILLY). I measured my room size, figured which furniture to be in or out from my room, then browsed IKEA website for ideas and noted the materials and furniture, with budget. Next, we went to IKEA showroom, and searched for the furniture and materials. And then, assembled and designed the room as we planned.

I deserve to be the IKEA Go Clean Your Room Contest Grand Prize Winner because I have embed the IKEA way of functionality and style in to my KEEP IT SIMPLE AND SILLY theme of my new feminine room with the budget given. But at the end, is the spirit of togetherness with my brother and cousin, we worked together to set up my room. From few pieces of woods, we put the woods together and secured with screws and nuts, and the end result, a good steady bookshelf. The process is priceless...

Thank you.

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