Friday, July 03, 2009

Coconut House - Jaya 3

Yesterday night, My Manager belanja us for Dinner... Yay~~~
Dinner at Coconut House - Jaya 3
This Restaurant is owned by my manager friend who is the writing of "椰子屋" - a very old time magizine.

OK. Let's go for the dinner~~

~~ MENU ~~

Oh yea... Please note that, this is a NON-Halal restaurant...

I have order this drink...Never try before... "Coconut Blended"

Some special name of foods~~

~~ Me Me Me ~~

~~ Tiramisu ~~

~~ FOOD ~~

This is the Coconut Blended!!!

Jen Sen and Mei Er (My Colleague)

"8 Days A Week" ?? @.@"""
I asked my manager, he said it's a song of beatles... =.=???

The Decoration of the Restaurant

Me Again ~~~ lolx

~~ My Colleague ~~

At the End... I want to ...
Thanks Mr Puah (My Manager) for the dinner~~

Thanks Ya~~
Hahahah... Got a such good manager!! Love it


  1. location location?
    Im a vegetarian i wonder wat can i eat there...

  2. E-33-01, 3 Two Square, No.2 Jalan 19/1,
    46300 Petaling Jaya
    Tel: 016-3136908

    Business Hours:
    11:00AM - 10:00PM
    8 Days A Week
    (4:00PM - 6:00PM Rest)

    For more info :

    Of course vegetarian can go!!
    1 of my colleage in the photo (Jen Sen), he also a vegetarian~~~

  3. Thanks for the location info. I might go try it out too !

  4. Yeah... Thanks for the support...
    This is my manager friend shop... and my manager treat us dinner last night...
    So, helping my manager to advertise ....

  5. wahhhhhhhhhhh why all the good food all in malaysia...

  6. wow manager belanja.. nice!
    nice food! will check out the place when im free =)

  7. Kelvin : Yeah... Malaysia still have many others nice food!! Come back Malaysia lar... ^.^

    kenwooi : Yupe... My manager nice le... hehehe....^.^ V