Thursday, July 02, 2009

~~ Micheal Jackson Dead ~~

Micheal Jackson is dead on 25-06-2009 last week thursday.
I know now i only post this post will be a bit slow and outdated. But, the purpose i post this post is to cherish the memory of Micheal Jackson.

The reason of Micheal Jackson dead is still unclear until today. Some says he was dead in heart attack. Some say he asking the doctor for injection. Some say he dead because of drugs and bla bla bla~~~~ what is the really reason???
(Surely i won't believe in heart attack!)

The album of Micheal Jackson is totally out of stock in every legal music shop. My girlfriend still got keep the one Micheal Jackson album which is below:

Dangerous - Micheal Jackson

Micheal Jackson - Heal The World
Also is 1 of my favorite song of Micheal Jackson

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