Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Won RM1,380 from "The Proposal" Contest!!!

Friday, my gf participate the GSC "The Proposal" contest.

We saw this contest last weekend when we go Tropicana to have the screening of "The Proposal"!

YES!!! "The Proposal" again!

My gf sent the email around 3pm and they replied us around 6pm.
And we won ourselve RM1,380 from "The Proposal" Contest!!!

Saturday Morning
We wake up at 8am and ready to go to Tropicana for the "The Proposal" Again..

The 10 finalist playing games
We didn't get into the finalist... >.<"

They also gives us a free ROSE!

And some free chocolate.. Very nice

Oh... the same ticket..=.="
And same hall 3!!!

At the end, we decided to give this ticket to a pair of auntie & uncle.
They are aroun 50 above...
The uncle is so lovely, still bring auntie go cinema for movie
and hold the auntie hand so tight....

After we give away the ticket.
We go redeem some free gift and the RM1,380 Love Pack.

Some free gift need to go One Utama redeem.
So, we go to One Utama to redeem and have our lunch.

We have our lunch at my gf favourate restaurant - BarBQ Plaza!

Wow!!! Tastynya!!!

After finish our lunch, and redeem the free perfume.

Then we are going back home....

And now i'm blogging here!!! ^.^


  1. just dropping by...
    Congrats ya on the winning...

    Both of u make a lovely couple =)

  2. Aww, congratulations! ^^

    So sweet of the both of you to have given the ticket to the aunty and uncle. Sounds like they're a very loving and heartwarming couple too :)

  3. congrats!! but what was the competition about?? and what is the rm1380 love pack?? curious curious!!

  4. SinYee : Thanks.

    Adele : Thanks. Ya, they are so sweet.. Hope after 40/50 years. I still can bring my wife to cinema like them...^.^

    goingkookies : the love pack have many thing wor.. but the most worth is the RM1200 gown cash voucher...^.^

  5. Woohoo =) Congratz~!!
    What are the love pack actually? ;p

  6. StevenBoy, i think i saw u there during the event. Well, i didnt recognize u, i actually recognize ur gf. I was there as well. :) Great event!! You placed a great info on the event and exclude the unimportant once..Nice... :) So sweet of the old couple...

    :) And so sweet of u and ur gf to give out ur tickets... :)

  7. wah...wat a nice day for u:)

  8. Tian Chad: The love pack incude many free gift and voucher. It contain the RM1,200 evening gown cash voucher, RM50 LeMaridien Hotel Cash Voucher, GSC voucher, starbuck voucher, perfume sample voucher and etc....XP. Dun actually total up it...

    Angeline: Really?? why can't recognize me?? why only recognize my gf?? I have get into the finalist or the best dresses?

    Kelvin: Thanks