Monday, July 13, 2009

Transformer 2 : Is it really so nice?

OK. Before we go to the Transformer 2 topic.

Let share my breakfast + lunch = breaklunch with you~~~
This weekend i back to malacca.
We went to Odean to have our breaklunch~~

The Cute Cow logo of Odeon

I ordered a beef mixed mee only RM4

And half boiled eggs

OK. After finish my breaklunch.
Then me, my gf and my gf younger bro and sister go to pahlawan GSC for our Transformer 2 movie.

I feel this Transformers 2 is better tha the previous...
Because i finally know which robots are good and which are bad.
The colourful robots are good hero.
Those robots without colour are bad guys...

But i still don't really understand what the story talking about.. =.="
I don't understand many of my friends can go to cinema and see this movie for second or third times....

Is this movie really so good???
Or it is too hard to understand and need to see again and again?? lolx @o@


  1. I watch it twice at the cinema and planning to get the original version DVD for my parents. So i think TRANSFORMER 2 IS JUST AWESOME!!!
    Try watch it again, maybe u will get it! XD!

  2. I think i won't go for it at cinema again...
    May be will get a DVD also...;p
    I waiting the "2012"....It look nice on the trailer...

  3. the movie is overrated! =)