Thursday, July 02, 2009

Woman tries to kill self and kids after tiff

Woman tries to kill self and kids after tiff

(TAMPIN) A 26-year-old woman who had an argument with her husband thought the best way out was to take her own life as well as those of their three young children.

The mother and her two older sons, aged six and five, are now in the ICU of the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital in Seremban, while the youngest child, who is nine months old, is in a normal ward.
The woman is believed to have taken her mother’s controlled prescription drug and forced her children to consume it too.

Hospital director Dr Jaafar Che Mat said doctors managed to stabilise the condition of the mother and her two older children.

“We hope we can move them to a normal ward soon,” he said.

When met at the hospital, the husband, 32, a wiring contractor, said he and his wife had an argument on Tuesday night over a family matter.

“I left the house and went to stay with my mother in the same housing area. It never occurred to me that she would do something so ridiculous,” he said.

He said his rubber-tapper wife had attempted suicide several years ago, also over a family dispute.

His mother-in-law found the children frothing from the mouth at 8.30am yesterday morning when she walked into the their room after failing to find her medication.

“She then rushed into our room and saw my wife also frothing from the mouth. When she failed to wake her up, she sought a neighbour’s help and he called me,” the husband said, adding that he then rushed his family to the district hospital.

When their condition deteriorated, doctors moved them to the Seremban hospital.
Tampin district police chief Supt Zull Aznam Haron said police would record statements from the woman, her husband and his mother-in-law.

Why they want to do this kind of thing to hurt herself and her love 1?? Dead can't solved everything....

Is it every girls / women also have this experience or thinking?


  1. Is not all, just tat some women are stupid and they can't think of anyway to vent their anger

  2. Like that also no need kill herself and 3 of her son, right?
    I'm so sad to heard that.... Really.