Friday, July 03, 2009

NEW! Sony Ericson W995 & W508

(02-07-2009) Yesterday, Sony Ericsson release 2 NEW phone (W995 & W508)

Sony Ericsson W995


Seamless transfer
Thanks to Media Go™, you can drag and drop video clips, tracks, photos and more between your phone and PC. Or enjoy podcasts from the directory.

Complete clarity
Catch the action on the bright, clear 2.6” screen. When you want to share views and sounds with friends, use the built-in stand and stereo speakers.

Get it all
8.1 megapixels give you big pictures - store them on the 8GB memory card. Enjoy the speed of Wi-Fi™ networks and share your music via the 3.5 mm jack.

W995具有3.5G+4频;屏幕为2.6寸、分辨率是240×320、26万色;支持脸部追踪对焦、照片地理标记(Geotagging);音乐播放具有立体声喇叭、有3.5mm耳机接孔、可Shark Control摇动换曲。

它内建118MB存储空间,附8GB Memory Stick Micro (M2)记忆卡;外观尺寸是49×97×15厘米、重量113克。内建感应器,当进行媒体浏览时会依照手持方向自动感应旋转。
该手机背盖有支撑架,可以立在桌面当成MP4播放器,而原本在机顶与机底的喇叭孔在立架状态就变成立体声喇叭孔,这次W995也首次搭配Media Go多媒体管理软件,可以管理与传送影片、图片、音乐档案。


Sony Ericsson W508


Express yourself

Want to really step out in style? With one extra Style-Up™ cover included in the phone kit, the W508 Walkman™ lets you add sublime art to your music.

In control
Control your sounds via the music buttons on the outside of your phone. Raise the volume with a quick shake, or enjoy the magic of gesture control.

Radio and pictures
Sports, music, news? Just tune in the FM radio. And when you want to share your life in pictures, do it through the 3.2 megapixel camera.

W508具有3.5G+4频网络;外屏幕1.1寸、分辨率是128×36、OLED显示幕;内屏幕2.2寸、分辨240×320、26万色;拍照分辨率320万像素;可利用折叠外盖的触碰按钮操作音乐播放、亦能Shark Control摇动换曲;以Gesture control挥手感控,能将来电或是闹铃声,切换到来电静音或关闭贪睡提醒功能。

它内建100MB存储空间,附1GB Memory Stick Micro (M2)记忆卡;外观尺寸是50×93.5×14厘米、重量是98克。

W508售价为RM999,它具有两种色系和可更换折叠外盖:即个性灰(Metal Grey )基本款,配搭活力橘(Sunny Orange)折叠外壳,以及诗意白(Poetic White)款式,配搭另一个魅力白外壳(Midnight Summer)。

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