Monday, June 29, 2009

Kota Kinabalu Mountain

Last week my colleague went to Kota Kinabalu Mountain...

They just back on last Saturday night.

Below is the some of their picture took at KK mountain...

Forgot this flower call what already?? =.="

The world records of climbing Kota Kinabalu Mountain.... Why don't have my colleague name on the board??? @.@

Wah.... This picture very familiar leh!!! Wakakaka...Take out your RM1 note, then you will know...

A Beautiful sun rise~~

Wah...feel like singing the song "Top of the world"

Some other visitor.

My Colleague!! Bravo!!! (1 of them is my boss who 60 years old!)

He can do it... I also can do it!!!


  1. why you didn't go ?
    you can do it right ?

  2. I didn't go because i scare hiking... and i don't have the stamina to hiking... on 1st day, need to walk 7-10 hours to a check point. Then the next day just continue on midnight 3am to the top at 6am..

  3. Thanks man.
    Long time didn't meet you... Almost forgot what you look like already~~~ =.="