Tuesday, June 30, 2009

GSC Website Overwhelming!!

Last weekend, i plan to go GSC 1u to watch Transformer 2 with my girlfriend. So, I go to GSC website to buy the ticket with Maybank2u.

But, i found that the website take 15 minute to load! (Usually i take 3 second to login facebook only!) After i login to GSC website. It is totally different. Only a few word and a login box.

It stated that the website is overwhelming, so it disable all the picture and feature. Only 3 feature occurs on the webstie, which is Online Reservation, Online E-payment ticket and Contest.

Then i choose online e-payment ticket and choose 1 utama. I was shock! There are 22 showtime on Transformer in 1 day! And i checked all the showtime on the day, almost every showtime is fully booked and only left few seat on the infront row.

At the End, me and my girlfriend didn't go to see Transformer last weekend. But we decided to go watch on this weekend!! Yeah~~~


  1. i'll go to watch this sunday early bird, tgv pyramid!

  2. Why go tgv pyramid?? The seat there not confortable! The most confortable seat is the 1 Utama GSC!! Yeah~~
    2 and a half hours le... Must bring some junk food to eat.... lolx