Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nuffnang Collaboration with DIGI Speak Up Malaysia

Do you have a thing in mind? Do you wanna argue about your thoughts about Malaysia?Why don't you Speak Up! with DiGi and Nuffnang Malaysia.To start, why don't you go here for further information.

DiGi Speak Up Malaysia

*By the way, Mostly eligible for DiGi Users*I didn't do this for the prize, it is because i want only want to give my advice and speak up to all Malaysians out there than harmony between us all with solve anything and everything!Let's face it! We might not say out out problems but it does exist among us all.Then.. come on and be part of this DiGi Activity. =D

Here's what i've sent via MMS to DiGi just now..
My name Steven Tan Soo Teck , location Kota Kemuning , Selangor

Please Stop Smoking!!


  1. wow!! This is creative enough!! wish ya all the best o^^

    Me too participate in this contest~ kindly check it out below:

  2. Yeah... Thanks for the view....
    Yours also very creative!!! ^.^

  3. awesome speak up.. wish u good luck o.O

  4. i like ur photo to represent ur speak up