Monday, September 14, 2009

My "Zhai Zhai"

Yesterday, me and my darling go Sunway to watch "The Ugly Truth"

The movie is so-so lar...

After we finish the movie.

We went to the pet shop.

My girlfriend suddenly say want to buy a Guinea Pig!!!

So, we choose a cute Guinea Pig.
I choose it, coz it look like the Guinea Pig in G-Force. XP

We name it, "Pig Zhai" / "Zhai Zhai"

This is Zhai Zhai new home...

It is so cute right... Temperary dunno is SHE or HE.

The seller say it is too small to see...@.@" (I think it is HE. ;P)

OK. After finish those cute cute picture... my wallet have a big hole again!!! Haizzzz


  1. Around 150.
    Including the bottle, food, snack, and My "Zhai Zhai".

  2. come let me dissect ur zhai zhai.

  3. Alvin: You dare touch him 1 fur... Me and my gf gonna dissect you also...

  4. kenwooi : That is not hamster!!
    It is Guinea Pig!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. oops.. haha.. missed that!
    anyway, it's cute! =D