Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DIGI IPhone plan!! The FACT~~

Some people may already know this FACT! But, i’m here to telling those who don’t know….
DIGI IPhone Plan :

Try to count yourself for the plan iDIGI88, 3GS 16GB :
EPP24 : RM159 monthly :
(RM159 - RM88) * 24 = RM1704 (Phone price)

EPP24+12 : RM106 monthly :
Most people will think :
(RM106 - RM88) * 36 = RM648 (Phone price) So cheap! (WRONG)

The Fact :

(EPP24+12 : 0% Easy Payment is inclusive of 24 months monthly fee + 5% Service tax, over 36 months!!!)

2 years : You pay RM106 for IPhone and IDIGI88 plan!
(RM106 – RM88) * 24 = RM432 (Phone price)

1 year : You still need to pay RM106 for IPhone only!
RM106 * 12 = RM1272

Over all 3 years, the IPhone price = RM432 + RM1272 = RM1704 (Phone price) (CORRECT)

Some more, my girlfriend just went 1 Utama to ask the DIGI promoter! The 1st promoter still telling her the wrong information like most people think the phone only RM648. o.0?

Then, i called her to ask another. Then another just told her start from 6th month, you need to pay RM88 + RM106…!! For those who can’t afford RM88 + RM106 per month!! Please read and think careful!

DIGI!!! You are clever!


  1. U really desperate to have iPhone. ha ha

  2. haha.. just hope this will help. Even the digi promoter also giving wrong information!! Sucks~

  3. thanks steven for the info, still confused... what is the price which appears in the black horizontal bar for instance, iphone 3Gs 16GB title then there is RM1590, RM 1090 and RM390 in the black bars

    does it mean that I have to pay rM1590 upfront and than payRM106 for 24 or 36 months? thanks

  4. For those who are confused...

    Just simply use $106 x 36 = S$3,816
    $3,816 - $2,490 = $1,326 for the plan subscriptuon over 3 yrs which works out to b $36.83 per mth.

    Free mins = 200x15cents= rm 30
    Free sms = 200x10cents=rm 20
    Free mms = 20x20cents=rm4
    As for the free data, it says no extra charge after mthly quota - not sure though... So essentially u pay fixed mthly subscription fee of S$36.83 + buying phone

    Hope Im right...

  5. The information on the flyer itself is clear.. just that the promoters are not well trained.

  6. they dunno the actual price pun..vri blur them

  7. Hey um can you please enlighten me on the Rm 106 and iPhone pricing and how it works? I'm totally clueless and I really want to know the truth. Someone please tell me! D: