Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank You LG! Life’s Good!

I have 3 months don’t have any new post. This is the post related to the previous post. The previous post is the post about the Da Vinci Exhibition which i get FREE from LG!!

How i get the tickets? Go HERE (The LG blog!) LG is rewarding 22 bloggers with a pair of Da Vinci Exhibition tickets! So, i am the lucky one to have the tickets. Some more LG did give you surprise! The tickets with RM10 Starbuck Cash Voucher!

DSC04567DSC04583 DSC04548

Da Da~~~ This is the prize that i win from LG. The LG GD900!!


Wow… Can’t believe that i’m holding this phone. This is my first touch screen phone! ~~ See ~~ The Crystal Keypad~~! I like it~!

P1010125 P1010124

Thanks LG for the phone and i’m waiting Alan to send me some picture… Will update soon….

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