Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2012… Is it really THE END???

Is it really 2012 is the end of the world??? Japan already affected.

Recently the hottest news is the japan 8.9/9 level earthquake. Below is the news I read just now :

2,414 – Number of people confirmed dead.
10,000 – Likely final death toll figure is set to reach beyond that mark.
15,000 - Number of people unaccounted for.
50 – Number of Britons missing, presumed dead.
550,000 – Evacuated from their homes since the quake struck on Friday

Already 2,414 people confirmed dead!!! R.I.P.

This is the video I saw this morning. The wave is so scary!!

And a bad news is, one of the dead victim is a AV Porn Star!!!! OMG!!!

This is the picture after the Tsunami and Earthquake….. All CRASH!



If there is one of my house or car. I think I will cry until no tears…. Sob… Sob… X(

Recently I also saw a video on facebook. I think that video is quite old. But, I think it is worth to watch this old video if you haven’t watch, because it is teaching us how to safe our life when tsunami attack. Below is the video :

If 2012 is really THE END of the world. So, what should we do now??? GOD!!!! Please help us!!! I don’t want to DIE yet~~

I still got many thing haven’t done!! I haven’t marriage! I haven’t have kids! Many country I still haven’t went before!

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