Tuesday, October 13, 2009

~~ [BAN] ~~ Subang Parade Sushi King!!

Yesterday (Monday 12-10-2009), Me and My gf go to Subang Parade Sushi King for the Bonanza Memeber Day.

We are so happy because can eat many cheap sushi.... ~^.^~

This is My favourite! I love it so much!!! As the picture. You can see the plate is FULL of RED colour. It is only RM2.

And this plate is not in FULL coloured! It cost RM4 (Normal Price). Me and My gf also love this. So, we took it.

My gf favourite is UNAGI!!!! AND!!! No picture!! because we didn't get any 1!! WTF and WTH is going on???? The story begin from we reach and have our seat.....

When we reach Subang Parade Sushi King. Very lucky , we no need to wait and have a seat already. (Actually is UnLucky, becasue see the picture) We sit at the END of the place where they put new sushi on the rotate machine!!!

And you can see people is standing at the middle to take the sushi, becasue they sitting away from the rotate machine!!!!

So, very obviously. When the food passing so many customer. There is no UNAGI left!!! So, i plan to stand up and walk to the middle of the path and grab some UNAGI for my gf. And the manager ask me to sit back and wait for the rotate machine rotate till my place!

He said only the customer sit away from the rotate machine, able to do that! WTH and WTF!!
Ok.. then we wait~~~~ Fxxxing Sxxx!!! After 1 hour, we also haven't get a plate of UNAGI and the manager said dining time have reach (1 hour)!

We are damn ANGRY!!! After i pad the bill! We would like to give some suggestion! But SEE!!!!

No suggestion paper! Then we try to from the cashier! Then he finding his drawer! (WTF!!! The Suggestion Paper also need to Keep like that!) After 3 second ONLY!!! He said no more Suggestion paper left!!!! FXXX!

~~~ BAN ~~~
SUSHI KING Subang Parade!

Today will go to Summit USJ Sushi King!!! Hope will have My happy dinner time at there~~


  1. Lolz... i suggest u go to their website and make a complaint there... Must complaint... Or else they management dunno... ^^
    Btw, nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads here oredi... ^^

  2. Ya.. I wish to... But my gf ask me don't do so. Don't make the manager don't have bonus at the end of the year...

    My gf is such an ANGEL, right? ^.^

  3. Go to SAKAE. Everything's cheaper there and they have more choices.

  4. D.N.A.S : Thanks for the info. Will try out Sakae next time. ^.^

  5. Wow. I never been sushi king before. FML!