Thursday, October 15, 2009

[GOOD] Summit Sushi King!!!

Zhai Zhai say "Hi..." to everyone.

Remember who is it? It is my "Zhai Zhai" G-Force! Previously, it is too small, the salesman also can't see/know that it is he/she? But now it is bigger already. I think it is SHE.

Zhai Zhai love my GF so much~~ Always run to my GF. She don't like me... Yesterday night she PISS on my bed!!! WTF!!!

OK. Previous post is about Monday (12-10-2009), we went to Subang Parade for the Sushi King Bonanza member days. And the service is sxxk there!!

So, tuesday (13-10-2009), we went to Summit USJ for Sushi King. Last year bonanza, i also went summit! See~!! So many people are queue there!! I thinking to ask them want our queue systerm or not!! lolx

But queue for so long also WORTH!!!! Why??? Because you can eat those Sushi that you might not able to eat at other Sushi King outlet!!!

For Example :

Nihotate - Cooked scallops

Smoke Salmon

Tempura Sushi

And my GF favourite
Unagi Sushi

WHAT???? I didn't get the Law Abiding Citizen premiere screening from Nuffnang again??

WTH is going on~~~Nuffnang Please tell me why~~ I already miss 3 times.
Very DOWN~~~ Very DOWN~~~~


  1. Wohohoho... I also went for Sushi Bonanza... Can go see mah post if you haven't see it yet... XD
    Btw, nanged ya post on innit d...and also clicked on ya ads... ^^

  2. cheong cheong....go for sushi not ask me......

  3. I watched The Law of Abiding Citizen Premiere Screening yesterday.It really a good movie and i enjoy it.Will write about this movie tomorrow.