Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sushi King Bonanza

Yeah!!! Start from today(12/10/2009) until Thursday (15/10/2009) is Shusi King Bonanza Member Day!! Every plate only RM2!!

Every plate of Sushi is only RM2~!

But becareful!!! Some of the people may not know this.
The full colour plate only RM2~! Like the picture below:

And the NOT full coloured plate is Normal price!!! Like the pictuer below :
Notice that? The pink colour around the plate is not Full coloured!

Hohoho... Later finish work then go Sushi King for dinner~~~! Yeah


  1. Dear Steven,

    Yes, I am a Sushi member too. Must go early to queue up! Hope you win your mahjung! Enjoy McD at ur post :)

  2. Ya. Must queue up earlier.. but have to work till 6pm. Going there for dinner... Yeah~~

    Prefer Summit Shusi king. Not so much of people. No need queue so long... ^.^

  3. I'm goin too... XD Last Sushi Bonanza i went 3 days in a row... XD Btw... nanged ya post... and clicked ya ads... ^^

  4. huhuh~ both plate are just the same..thanks for this info

  5. Kennee : ya.. Last Sushi Bonanza, i also went 3 days... =D Thanks for the nang and click...

    Bitter Sweet : Ya.. Many people didn't notice that until they pay the bill and like this (@.@)?

  6. alamak...commented at the wrong post....u can see my comment at ur outing with ur sister...paiseh ler

  7. vialentino : No prob bro... You are welcome. Let go to Sushi King!! BUT~~
    !#$%!$^#%&%*#%(&*(@#$%^@# Dun go Subang sushi king. Service damn rude! Make me until no mood to eat much!

  8. wah...I love Sushi ^_^
    I must be sushi king member soon ^_^

  9. sorry i am Senjyuu sushi boy, i blogged about it before... super nice, better than Sushi King :P

  10. shafwan : Need fast lo... Sushi King Memeber days until this thursday only... =D

    Spinzer : Senjyuu Sushi oh... need to try it out 1 day... =)

  11. Sweet! I love sushi King. Thanks for the heads up.

  12. ya...some of my friends did mistakenly took the 'NOT full coloured plate'...a good reminder...