Friday, October 09, 2009

Outing with my sister

I also can't remember which day is it.

That day, Me and My Darling go to my sister house and stay overnight. Actually we always go there go stay overnight. There is because of few reason :

1) Can accompany my parent
2) My sister condo there got swimming pool
3) My sister will belanja me eating..... =p

Let me Introducing My Sister :

Da da~~~~ She is 26. And she is still available...... Hahahahah... Just kidding.

As i said, she will always belanja me eating because I give her some free ticket for movies. Yeah... That is what call "material exchange" in finance?? I don't know.. @.@"

We having our lunch at Nando's with my mum, sister, me and my darling.

Please "Do Not Disturb"!

Oh.... My darling favourite! Extra HOT~~~ She eat so much of this source and without sweating. I just eat some Hot source then sweating like hell already!~

And here we go for our FOOD!~~~

After we finish our meal. Then at the night we heading to KLCC for our movie. After reaching KLCC and bought the tickets. We still have half and hour. So, as many people will do, taking the twin tower photo!!!!

Hey!! Don't laught! I know my photo skill is sux~~ and i don't have any digital camera or DSL or what... I always take photo with my phone only. =p

We watch the movie "Accident" because my sister like Loius Koo and My darling like Richie. That is why i 'cucuk' him! wakkakakak~~~

And here we goes for the Alvin and the chipmunks!

The cinema in KLCC is DAMN cold~~~~~ I'm freezing in the cinema!

And the movie is ... erm... so so lar.. Rating - 6.5/10 Only. Mayb is my problem, because i don't really understand some part of the movie.

Yeah!!! Go into the bus and going to school!!! Hahaahah~! When we finish our movie. It is already 1am. So, no people in KLCC already....

The next day, My sister bring us to go for the BEST Chilli Pan Mee in the world! (She said that) Restaurant Kin Kin!

In the restaurant , you can see many writing on the wall as below. It stated, this is ONLY the one ORIGINAL chilli pan mee!!!

OK. I think it is time to rest.... Oh ya! Do you see blackie in the picture above?? haaha...

And i think Nuffnang don't love me anymore... Since last time i get the T.Music festival tickets. Nuffnang didn't invite me for the other premier screening again.... =(

But, never mind. I will always support Nuffnang! And i won't be giving up. Hope Nuffnang also won't giving up me.... =)


  1. I didn't get any free ticket before. LOL

  2. Oh really?? Last time i did always get invite form Nuffnang. But recently less already...

    Mayb recently bz on work and not so active in blogging.

  3. luckily i came and read ur blog...else dunno is a sushi king rm 2 bonanza ler....the plate confusing ler...damn kao cheating people ler...hehehe