Saturday, August 22, 2009

7/8 MOS Clubbing

7th August - Me, my darling and my colleage friends meet up at Sunway.

Chris bring his friends come Malaysia for holiday.
So, we meet at sunway for dinner.

So, dinner have nothing to talk about....

After the dinner around 11pm.
We went to the MOS. This is my 1st visit of MOS.

OK. Let share some of the picture in MOS.

See the different of above and below picture??? hahaha

Kian Xiong - Chris Friend - Chris

My Buddy - Jun Xiong

Yam Seng!!!

The dance floor at MOS is quite Big.
You can feel the vibration of the floor because of the music...

we 8 people go in. Opened 1 Chivas and 1 Vodka..

Out last time clubbing is around 2 years ago (Since we graduate)
So, we 8 people can't finish the 2 bottles of alcohol.
The vodka is still in my room...=.="

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