Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Proposal Calendar

Still remember last time i won a love pack from the contest on "The Proposal"

One of the gift in the love pack is a Calendar.

We took the picture on that day.
They said need to wait 1 week only can take the calendar.

We almost forgot go to take this calendar. Until last week go Damansara for the District 9 screening. We past there only remember this.

I quite like this calendar... Hehehehe...

I saw there are still many couple haven't go take yet..... Fast fast go take lor...


  1. The both of you look so sweet and loving!^^

    The calender's so awesome... everytime when you look at the calender in 2010 can have sweet memories XD

  2. Thanks... ^.^
    Ya.. the calendar will put on the piano...

  3. I wanna watch The Proposal too :(
    and i wan a calender like urs.. so damn sweet :(