Friday, August 14, 2009

My belated Birthday (31/07) post!!!

Long Time Didn't blog already.

I think got mostly more than half month, because last month my birthday 31/07, i also didn't blog about it... XP

Please give me some time to recall it and find out the picture 1st....

Okie... Ding Dong!!! 30/7 12.00am sharp...

My gf go took out my secret recipe birthday cake with candle...
Guess what is the favour? The black 1 is easy, choc banana... Guess the white 1??
It is DURIAN!!! Wah...

Then the next day in the office. My colleague order some pizza to celebrate Miss Gan and My Birthday!!! Yayayaya... the girl in the picture is Miss Gan.. XP

31/07 night, Me and My gf decided to go Look Out Point.

This place is introduce by a blogging friend. This is really a nice place.
But, for those who want to go... Please sms to reserve 1st.. else, you can't get the seat with good view.

I ordered a ..... OMG~~~i think is chocolate somehing... SHIT!! my memory storage really need to repair!! But i remember what my gf order!!! Ice Lemon Tea!!!
Wakakaka... WTF, see the picture also know lar... =.="

And where come out steak!!! I order a beef and my gf order a lamb.

Aiya... forgot to post the view of that place le...Wait arh...

Paiseh lar... Using phone camera... Don't have any good camera yet... XP